SGA divides student life committee into subsections

The Student Government Association discussed splitting the Student Life Committee into different sections at their weekly Monday evening meeting.

Senator Joseph Donato proposed splitting the committee into five sub-committees of commuting and housing and residence life, gourmet dining services, safety, technology and campus outreach.

According to Donato, each sub-committee will have one of the senators as a chair.

“I believe these changes are going to facilitate a much greater ability to connect with students, to organize our work inflow and outflow, and to get the committee in a position in which we can best delegate from both the top down and the bottom up,” Donato said.

Donato said he believes the Student Life Committee is the most encompassing committee of the senate because it can deal with almost anything on and off campus.

The Commuting and Housing and Residence life section and the Gourmet Dining Services section will look to improve their respective areas, according to Donato.

The Safety section will try to make students feel safe and secure both on and off campus, according to Donato.

“Safety will be a major sticking point this year because it is a major concern on this campus,” Donato said.

According to Donato, the Technology section will address the outdated technology that the university has in the libraries, specifically the printers. The section will also work on the issue of there only being one color printer.

The Campus Outreach Sub-committee will talk to the students and see what they want around campus, Donato said.

“We’re all going to work together; communication between all the different branches of the senate is going to be vital for us to get anything done. We’re all going to be working to common goals,” Donato said.

Donato said he wants reorganize how the senate works. He said he wants to be able to measure the success of the senate.

However, commuter Senator Ken Larivee expressed concern over the breaking up of sections in the Student Life Committee.

“We are commuter senators in the SGA but we’re not on the Student Life Committee, we represent the commuter population, and we kind of feel like we are getting shafted,” Senator Larivee said.

Donato assured the senators that all the senators and the Student Life Committee are working toward the common good.

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