Princeton Review ranks Stillman Degree

Seton Hall University’s Master’s of Business Administration program has been featured in the Princeton Review’s 294 Best Business Schools List.

This year marks the fifth year the program has been featured on the list.

The Stillman School of Business’s Acting Dean, Joyce Strawser said she believes the program is notable because of the high academic quality, the program’s focus on transforming concepts into practice and the community feel of the program.

According to the Princeton Review’s website, the programs are given numerical scores from 60 to 99.

These scores are based on admissions selectivity, the school’s learning environment, how good the professors are, how accessible professors are to students and the confidence students have in the school’s ability to lead them to employment opportunities.

“We emphasize an environment in which students are able to see how the theories they are learning in the classroom can be applied in the corporate world,” Strawser said. “The majority of our MBA students are working professionals who are studying on a part-time basis.”

Strawser also said faculty members of the Stillman school feel it is critical for these students to be able to immediately apply their classroom knowledge to their workplace.

Director of Graduate School Admissions for the Stillman School of Business, Catherine Bianchi, added, “At the Stillman School of Business, faculty and administrators work diligently to know the students in our programs by sight and name.”

Strawser said that the program’s four foundation sequence courses are unique because of their blending of two separate discipline areas such as decision making and economics.

According to Strawser, each student is required to complete a MBA service project.

“The MBA Service Project requires that each student provide 20 hours of volunteer service to a non-profit, community-based organization,” Strawser said. “We require this project because we feel it is critical for businesses and business professionals to develop a culture of giving back to their communities.”

Recently, Stillman has added a new MBA concentration in supply chain management, according to Strawser.

New courses have been added in Entrepreneurship also.

New students have been attracted not only by the program’s prestige but by the declining economy, according to Bianchi.

“Due to the economic conditions in the last few years…more students that have recently completed their undergraduate degrees coming directly into graduate school,” Bianchi said.

Previously, according to Bianchi, the school was tagged, “The Practical MBA.”

The title was used to reflect the program’s 42 credit program in comparison to other programs’ 60 credit minimum.

According to Strawser, the program started admitting students in 1950.

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