College Republicans to travel for door-to-door campaigning

With the presidential election approaching quickly, the College Republicans of Seton Hall are planning events and campaigns to help get their word out about the Republican party, according to the group’s executive director.

Sophomore Christian Warneke, executive director of the College Republicans, said that the club’s efforts are geared toward the upcoming elections.

“We frequently campaign for republicans both locally and nationally,” Warneke said. “We will soon be traveling to districts throughout N.J. to work phone banks or go door-to-door for Republicans.”

According to Warneke, the meetings and campaign events are open to anybody in the Seton Hall community.

Warneke said that the club’s overall goal is to help republicans win elections, so they can work to better the political landscape.

“We hope to educate members of the Seton Hall community to make informed decisions at the polls,” Warneke said. “Obviously we have our own beliefs, and we do our best to further these beliefs through our campaign efforts locally and nationally.”

“Most campaign efforts take place Saturday mornings/afternoons, though we will do some during our weekly meetings and on other weekday nights,” Warneke said.

Warneke said that the club wants republican candidates to win their elections.

“We believe in what they (Republicans) are trying to do, and we support their election efforts,” Warneke said. “We believe these men and women offer the best solutions for rectifying the current woes of our nation, and hope the nation and New Jersey will allow them to improve this country.”

As far as the upcoming election goes, Warneke said that the College Republicans of Seton Hall are 100 percent behind the Republican candidates.

“We feel that whoever wins the Republican nomination will be well-qualified to lead our nation,” Warneke said. “The Republican candidates have some great ideas to improve our country, which, let’s be honest, needs a lot of help.”

The College Democrats of Seton Hall did not return request for comment by press time.

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