SHU students create site to save time

Two Seton Hall students recently created a website designed to allow students to connect and complete favors for one another.

The site, called Finish My Task, was created by students John Ceniza and Michael Peralta.

Students can pay others to complete tasks for them that they themselves do not wish to do.

Peralta, co-founder of Finish My Task, said jobs can range anywhere from doing laundry to delivering food to dorm rooms.

He said he has friends who attend Marist who were interested in the website so he successfully helped to bring Finish My Task to their school.

He also said he has friends who attend the University of Southern California, and Finish My Task will also be spreading there very soon.

According to Peralta, the most effective way for students to sign up is through emailing, although it is very time consuming considering it had to be done individually.

“We got 200 students to sign up in just three days,” Peralta said.

Freshman Ashley Jefferson said Finish My Task is a great way to earn money.

“Most of us don’t have the time to get a real job, so it’s an easy buck,” Jefferson said.

Sophomore Katherine Jaimes said she agrees it is a good way to earn some money, and although she has yet to use the site, she said if she really needed something to be done she would try it out.

Peralta said it is also beneficial to students who do not have a car on campus.

Senior Daimont Staples said Finish My Task is a good idea, however he would not use it.

“I wouldn’t want to trust anyone,” Staples said. “I would do it if they were my friends.”

Peralta said students may be interested in this website when it is time to sell back their books.

“It’s better to sell to people through this website than trying to sell books back through the bookstore, where you’ll barely get any money back,” Peralta said.

Peralta said the website is beneficial because the tasks people want to be done are so common.

According to Peralta, the website is a good alternative to going on Facebook and trying to find friends who will help out.

“It’s a lot less annoying than Facebook,” Peralta said. “People actually have an intention of doing something.”

Co-founder John Ceniza, is working on making Finish My Task into an application for the iPhone, according to Peralta.

Peralta said creating this website was not easy, he had to learn all the computer programming over the summer to be able to start the actual process of making it.

“It’s still difficult,” Peralta said. “I want to make it better.”

Peralta said he hopes to see Finish My Task become more unified in the future and for it to spread around the world.

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Author: Lindsay Rittenhouse

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