SGA must bring readership program to campus

The Student Government Association’s announcement of the new Collegiate Readership Program, which will bring three major newspapers -USA Today, The New York Times and the Star Ledger – to campus for students to utilize at their leisure, is exciting for students and membersof the University community. The Setonian would like to commend SGA for working to bring this measure to campus, even if, at this point at least, it is simply a plan for the spring semester.

What we hope to see from SGA is the full follow-through of this program. This is exactly the kind of initiative that we as students need and deserve, and SGA’s assistance in bringing that to campus is truly positive. The fact that this program has been installed at major universities across the country, including Montclair, Rutgers, Kean and Farleigh

Dickinson Universities, illustrates the effectivenessand opportunity the program brings. This can be one of many additions to campus that will make Seton Hall a better place for students to learn.

The Setonian urges SGA to see this program through to the spring, where the community will hopefully be able to fully utilize the program. However, it must be made clear that this program will not serve as a substitution for campus news. Rather, the Collegiate Readership Program should be one of many supplements to students looking to keep up with current events, whether they be regional, national or local to Seton Hall.

The Setonian sincerely hopes that this initiative progresses to the point that we can see it in the spring semester. Seton Hall should join competing universities in this program.

Author: Editorial Board

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