SGA adds a new member to executive board

A new student was added to the Student Government Association’s executive board during their weekly Monday meeting.

Freshman Naomi Endsley was asked to join the presidential executive cabinet as director of community outreach, according to President Derel Stroud.

“Her responsibilities will include both on campus and off campus outreach,” said Stroud. She will be working with Village Liaisons to try and secure additional discounts and acceptance of pirate’s gold in local businesses, according to Stroud.

“She also will be working with students on campus to see what it is they want from SGA, to see what their expectations are and what they think we should be doing,” Stroud said.

According to Endsley, one of the biggest concerns she has is recycling on campus.

She is also interested in pursuing this issue and coming to a better resolution than the current situation on campus, she said.

According to Endsley, she will also create civic engagement and involvement by making the SGA more known to the students.

“An idea I have is making SGA magnets to put on people’s doors, not only to identify senators to the students, but also to just promote SGA throughout the residence halls,” Endsley said.

At the meeting, funding for Homelessness and Hunger Week that will be taking place from Nov.13 to Nov.18 was also discussed.

Joe Pastino presented the financial co-sponsorship to the SGA saying that for the Covenant Vigil, DOVE would need $325 to pay for one bus to Times Square for the Hunger Banquet $300 for food was needed and for the PB and J event 150 dollars was needed for supplies.

“DOVE will offer two hours of community service to those that the Covenant Vigil,” Pastino said.

The total requested for Homelessness and Hunger week was $775 which is $275 more requested than last year, according to Pastino.

“The turnout was so good for events last year that we ran out of supplies at the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich making event,” Pastino said.

The financial co-sponsorship was voted on and the SGA chose to give DOVE the full amount asked for their programs.

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