A Macbook dilemma: Mobile computing fees don’t compute

An apple MacBook pro – in my eyes there are no sweeter words. Being a graphics major, and having grown up using Macs, coming to Seton Hall was an adjustment getting used to the IBMS. By the end of my sophomore year I was beyond excited to get my new shiny MacBook Pro.

One of the joys of being a graphic major is that you have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of computer software. Though financially a little tough on the wallet, this is something that I will use the rest of my career, so spending the money wasn’t a large inconvenience in the long run. There are however many other downfalls of being a Mac student at Seton Hall that have become a daily annoyance in my life.

First off besides going to a professor or fellow student we have zero technical support. When one of us has a problem it is not as easy as going to PCSS for an entire day to get it fixed, or go get a loaner laptop. Because we have no technical support we have to find a way to get out to the Short Hills Mall, where the nearest Apple Store is located. Granted their support is absolutely outstanding, and so far I have only had two problems with my computer, but it’s rather annoying to have to go all the way there instead of just having support on campus.

Secondly, we cannot print anywhere on campus. Whether it is the printers in the library, Nursing, or Fahy, our computers don’t connect to the wireless that goes to the printers. So if something needs to get printed on campus we are forced to e-mail it to ourselves and use one of the library computers or have a friend print it for us. Because of the above reasons it is extremely hard to understand why we are still made to pay a mobile computing fee.

Besides getting internet from the school we don’t get any additional services that every other student paying the same fee gets at Seton Hall. So why should I pay the same fee that other student do? Graphic students are made to pay lab fees for using the Mac Lab located in the basement of Fahy. Why not make all students pay for it even though they aren’t using the services it provides. Sounds silly right?

I wouldn’t trade my MacBook in for an IBM for anything in the world. The work that I get to do on my MacBook is so influential to my career, and having one at my disposal rather than having to depend on lab computers is amazing. My only gripe is that if the school is going to issue a percentage of students apple computers as their “school issued laptop” then the school needs to accommodate these students and their needs just as they do everything other student at Seton Hall with a laptop.

Caitlin Cunningham is a senior graphic design & advertising major from Dayton, Maine. She can be reached at caitlin.cunningham@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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