Freshman plans to run for public office

A Seton Hall freshman intends to run for a City Council seat in Jersey City at the age of 19 next year.

Freshman Demetrius Terry will be the youngest candidate in the 2013 race for Jersey City Council and will be the youngest City Council member in his city’s history if elected.

According to Terry, he has lived in the ward of Greenville his entire life, and in the winter of 2012 he will begin his campaign to be the ward’s representative on the City Council.

Though the election is not until 2013, Terry said he feels his ward is overdue for a candidate like himself.

“My ward is distressed and needs a lot of help,” Terry said. “From talking to people in my community, I figured it is time for some fresh, new, young blood to shape up Greenville.”

According to Terry, many factors encouraged him to run for the position, including failed leadership, high taxes, and a high crime rate, among other social and economic issues.

Despite being a young candidate, this is not Terry’s first experience on a campaign trail.

Terry’s interest in politics began during the 2008 presidential election while watching President Barack Obama’s campaign.

“I was really excited,” Terry said. “The way he spoke and the issues he talked about caught my attention, so I decided to get involved.”

Since 2008, Terry has volunteered for various local political campaigns, including Chris Christie’s campaign for governor, and Union County’s Leonard Lance’s campaign for congressman, according to Terry.

Terry also said that despite having been initially inspired by Obama’s rhetoric and style, he has decided that he is a Republican.

Terry said he believes in the Republican principles of “fiscal responsibility” and “less government.”

Jersey City is a heavily Democratic city, Terry said, and he believes his alignment with the Republican Party, as well as his age, will pose as challenges for him during his campaign.

Terry will be 20 by the time of the election in 2013.

However, he said that his affiliations and age are not stopping his plans to recruit volunteers and hit the streets of Jersey City in support of his campaign next year.

Terry also said that he plans to raise money by gaining the support of small businesses in the area and holding fundraisers.

According to Terry, once the campaign officially begins, his platform will be based on the policies of a balanced budget for the city and the enforcement of a new curfew law, as well as supporting all residents in Greenville including single parents, local business owners, and the youth.

Terry is already working on his campaign and has a long list of goals he would like to accomplish.

His goals include increasing police presence in areas with a high crime rate, improving the public school system, and the construction of a 24-hour youth help center.

According to Terry’s campaign website, his area has experienced neglect in the past couple of years.

The website also states that he will work to create jobs in the area.

“The Greenville section of the city has the highest unemployement rate,” Terry said. “This is insane.”

“I plan on making my campaign history in Jersey City,” Terry said.

According to Terry’s campaign website, other changes he proposes for Greenville are to influence a “green” initiative at City Hall, and community gatherings such as block parties.

Terry also currently serves as Chairman of The Hudson County Teenage Republicans,

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