Crimes cannot go unreported by SHU

The recent release of the Safety Report, as reported on the front page of The Setonian, illustrates a trend of decreasing crime over the past decade. However, a glaring statistic which exists, but was not brought to light before the report, was the number of on-campus incidents, which the campus community was not notified of.

The Setonian understands that the University cannot notify everyone for every crime that occurs on-campus. However, crimes that are of a severe nature, such as sexual assaults, or that compromise an individual’s well being or sense of safety

need to be reported, whether or not a threat still exists.

If the University fails to notify the community of these kinds of crimes, regardless of whether or not a threat exists, it develops a false sense of security. Crimes against Seton Hall students, faculty, staff or clergy must be brought to the attention of the community.

Issues of privacy aside, The Setonian encourages the University to understand that, no matter what, we can always be safer, and we should always strive to be safer. Awareness is simply the first step.

Author: Editorial Board

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