Evanescence album promising but lacks depth

Evanescence makes a strong comeback with their new self-titled album, surprising fans with a more upbeat attitude.

“What you Want,” is a perfect showcase of the fun and catchy made-for-radio sound that can be heard throughout the album. Though it is unusual for a band like Evanescence to sound so sunny, they successfully capture the mood without sounding unnatural or betraying the expectations of their fan base.

While this lighthearted attitude is enjoyable, the album fails to capture the wide range of emotions expressed in their previous album, “The Open Door” and, instead is so intent on keeping it upbeat,that the band loses itself. It can even be said that the album is a little too cheerful at times—there are a few songs that are entirely forgettable due to their lack of passion.

The one song that should be the most passionate falls flat. “My Heart is Broken,” with its cliché title lyrics, completely misses the mark despite starting in the right direction. For a song that should convey deep emotional pain, it is not nearly melancholy enough. “Erase This” is equally forgettable, but for different reasons, such as being too fast-paced and too passionless to draw interest.

Though there are a few songs that fail to please, the album, as a whole, is a delight to listen to. Fans will fall in love with “Lost in Paradise,” “The Change,” “Never Go Back” and “Made of Stone.” “Sick” provides a nice respite from the fun with its edgy, angry sound and the contrast of the hopeful and the macabre in “The Other Side” is a breath of fresh air.

“Swimming Home” is perhaps the most captivating song on the entire album. Curious in its striking difference from the other songs, it can only be described as unique. Though the vocals are undeniably lead singer Amy Lee’s, the lyrics are so strange and the sound is so eerily alien that it demands attention and defies comparison. The creepy atmosphere that it creates is so impressive that it cannot be missed.

“Evanescence” was released on Tuesday and is available in stores and on iTunes.

Andrea Aguirre can be reached at andrea.aguirre@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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