TCU to leave Big East for Big 12

Scheduled to join the Big East in all sports at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year, TCU is now reported to have accepted membership into the Big 12 conference.

Multiple sources close to TCU have told the move “it’s a done deal.”

Due to TCU never officially joining the Big East they will not have to wait the 27 month requirement for leaving the conference but will still have to pay the $5 million exit fee.

This move comes after Pittsburgh and Syracuse announcing that they are planning on leaving the Big East for the ACC.

As a result the Big East now has 14 member schools and only six football playing school, under the required eight football schools needed by the NCAA to be a conference.

The loss of TCU could just continue the movement of schools out of the Big East with Connecticut wanting to leave for the ACC and now, reportedly, the Big 12 looking at the possibility of adding more schools some of which are in the Big East.

On Sunday the 14 remaining schools of the Big East and TCU all agreed to look at the possibility of adding schools to the conference. Now it looks like adding schools will be necessary if there is any hope of keeping the conference alive.

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