SHU senior nominated for CMJ College Radio Award

“Imagine this: you’re dreaming and in the dream, you’re just walking down the street, going about your normal day, but suddenly Natalie Portman approaches you and informs you that you’ve won the New York Lottery, as well as a lifetime supply of fresh donuts. And then you discover that the dream is actually real life,” senior Claire Suellentrop said about what it felt like to be nominated for a CMJ College Radio Award.

Suellentrop, who hosts The Campus Buzz on WSOU, was nominated for “Specialty Music Director of the Year.” She hosts the show as “The Violet Femme,” a play on the well-known band the Violent Femmes and on her once-purple hair.

Suellentrop said she decided to join WSOU as a freshman, because she has always considered herself a “music junkie.”

“Way back at the 2008 freshman orientation, 18-year-old me picked up a shiny red WSOU promo flyer and knowing nothing about radio, except that it sounded cool, decided to investigate,” Sullentrop said. “After scouring the whole campus in effort to locate the station, I finally found the entrance elevator behind the gym—why do they keep it there?— and timidly made my way upstairs. It was there that my life was changed; first, because my eardrums were obliterated by heavy metal and second, because I met some of the coolest people in the tri-state area.”

She said that the decision to join WSOU was one of the best she made during her time at Seton Hall. She encourages anyone who has even a vague interest in radio to do the same.

“To anyone even thinking about getting involved with WSOU, I say do it, and I say that loudly. You’ll get out of it just as much as you’re willing to put in. You’ll meet some crazy people. You’ll go to some crazy shows. You’ll do some crazy stuff. And it will be so worth it,” she said. “You have the power to reach the entire New York and New Jersey audience here—where else does a twenty-something get to do that?”

According to Suellentrop, The Campus Buzz primarily plays indie and alternative music,. Listeners can tune in from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. to hear indie classics and new material from artists like The Decemberists, Matt & Kim, The Shins and Radiohead, among others.

Suellentrop is planning to attend CMJ for the first time this year and she says that she is especially excited.

“I’m a CMJ newbie. I was, however, able join a few fellow WSOU staff members and our General Manager, Mark Maben, at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin, TX last March. In other words, some beautiful angel granted me a brief preview of heaven,” she said.

Radio award winners will be announced at the festival’s College Day on Oct. 20. Voting will take place on-site and anyone with a CMJ badge can vote. Winners will be announced in an awards ceremony that will take place at 3:45 p.m. in NYU’s Rosenthal Pavilion, 10th Floor.

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