SGA discusses initiating collegiate readership program

The Student Government Association discussed a new program that will bring tri-state area newspapers to Seton Hall at its weekly meeting on Oct. 3.

Chief of Staff Grant McIntire spoke about the Collegiate Readership Program that could be launched as soon as after fall break.

“The University will be getting the New York Times, USA Today, and the Star Ledger,” McIntire said.

According to McIntire, the school may be able to receive 100 copies of each newspaper Monday through Friday and will only be charged for the newspapers that the students take.

McIntire stated the there will be room for the program to grow to a greater number of newspapers if it gets good reception from the students.

“The program will help students going into the work force to learn about the issues that are going on in the world today,” McIntire said.

President Derel Stroud also said he believes the Collegiate Readership Program would be beneficial to students.

“Some professors use newspapers in class, so it will definitely be beneficial to them and hopefully other professors will institute the use of the program in class,” Stroud said.

The program is still in the final stages of being put together, but could run through the semester.

The SGA would ask for feedback from the students and then decide if they want to continue with the program in the upcoming months.

According to McIntire, the newspapers will be coming in on Friday and will be strategically placed around campus after he finalizes the last few steps to begin the program. These steps include signing a contract which needs to be reviewed by the legal department, Dean of Students and Student Affiairs.

Stroud also discussed the Essex County American Heart Association Walk at the meeting.

The walk was moved to Seton Hall University and will be held from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday Oct. 21 in the field house, according to Stroud.

“It’s important to get everyone involved because we want to make this big for the school and raise as much money as we can,” said Stroud.

Donations will be collected in envelopes at the event, according to Stroud.

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This article has been edited on 10/6/11 to reflect the following changes: the collegiate readership program was discussed at the SGA meeting. No final decision on whether the program will come to Seton Hall has been made.

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