Blink 182 releases first album since break-up

After the explosive break-up of Blink-182 in 2005, the future of one of America’s most well-known pop-punk bands seemed bleak. On Sept. 27, 2011, Blink-182 released their reunion album, “Neighborhoods.” The long-anticipated album stays true to the style of music that has made the band’s songs instantaneously recognizable for nearly the past two decades.

Tragedy brought the three band members (Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker, and Mark Hoppus) back together when drummer Barker barely survived a plane crash in 2008. For the next two years, Blink toured and made a variety of appearances at events such as the 51st Grammy Awards, and now have released their long-anticipated sixth studio album.

“Neighborhoods” is in many ways a classic Blink-182 album despite the fact that it’s been eight years since the release of Blink’s self-titled album “Blink-182.”

A number of the tracks on “Neighborhoods” seem to touch on the turmoil and tragedy the band has experienced these past six years. The album’s first single “Up All Night” addresses a number of issues such as regret and the struggle of daily life. In light of Blink’s divisive fight back in 2005, “Up All Night” clearly bares personal meaning for the band, which adds a great deal of genuineness to the track.

Although a number of the tracks hint at the problems the group has faced as musicians and as friends, they are still as fast-paced as ever. For instance, the lyrics to the song “Natives” are clearly self-deprecating, but the beat and the actual music are so quick that you almost do not realize how dramatic the lyrics are.

Junior Angie Szani is excited that Blink finally came out with a new album.

“It’s so great; it reminds me of my childhood,” she said. “I’m so happy everything worked out with the band and they’re back to making music.”

Overall, there’s a sense of triumph to the album. After all, the fact that Blink-182 was able to resolve their problems and pull together to make great music again is a triumph in and of itself. Blink-182 certainly seems to be off to great things again and is currently headlining the Honda Civic Tour with My Chemical Romance. The tour launched at PNC Bank Arts Center on Aug. 5.

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