One year later: Seton Hall community remembers Jessica Moore

As the one year anniversary of Jessica Moore’s death approaches, the Seton Hall community is reflecting and remembering a life lost.

However, as of press time, the University does not have anything officially planned to honor Moore. “She was taken away from us to soon, but in her memory, I do smile through the tears, or at least try,” junior, Jessica Townsend said. Townsend, who was Moore’s close friend and roommate, is the vice president of P.O.E.T.I.C., which stands for people of education together influencing culture, an organization geared towards creating an environment for people who wish to strengthen their abilities within music, spoken word and dance, according to the University’s website. On Sept. 24 the group will be holding a benefit concert for Moore, as well as a semi-private balloon release ceremony a day later. According to Townsend, the concert will raise money for Moore’s scholarship foundation. “The Jessica A. Moore Scholarship Program is to make financial awards to the most deserving scholar,” Townsend said. “She was always willing to help people in any way that she could, so through the scholarship her dream, in part, is coming true.” In addition to the two events being run by P.O.E.T.I.C, freshman studies mentor Rev. Dr. Forrest Pritchett, and others will be participating in a march in Newark to represent their advocacy for non-violence, according to Townsend. Townsend said there are many mixed emotions that are very much alive in regards to major events in Moore’s name. “Maybe it’s okay that there aren’t any university wide memorial services,” Townsend said. “I keep closely in touch with her family and they are very appreciative of all that Seton Hall has done and what all of us at Seton Hall are doing to remember Jessica.” Moore lost her life in the afternoon hours of Sept. 25, 2010 following a gunshot wound to her head that occurred earlier that morning at an off-campus party in East Orange. A student, who requested to remain anonymous, attended the party and said they remember the house being completely packed. “There were a lot of people, it was extremely hard to move around and it was hot and dark,” the student said. According to the student everyone was on the floor seconds after the gunfire began. “I heard the shots and couldn’t believe what was going on,” the student said. “What was going on, it didn’t seem real.” The student added that they were lucky enough to be in the kitchen when the shots were fired. University President, Gabriel A. Esteban, said Moore will never be forgotten by the Seton Hall community. “A year after Jessica Moore’s tragic death, Seton Hall continues to be guided by the faith that is so ingrained in our institution,” Esteban said. “While some wounds take longer to heal than others, we’ve begun the process.” Vice President of Student Affairs, Laura Wankel, said the events surrounding the tragic death of Jessica Moore will remain painful to all who knew her. “The campus will always remember her as a valued member of the Seton Hall University family,” Wankel said. “I hope that each person will take a moment to remember Jessica, her family and friends, and to reflect on the value of each person and our connectedness to one another.” “Ultimately, the incident did not take place on Seton Hall’s campus,” Townsend said. “However, I do appreciate the bit of recognition that is going on.” Nicholas Parco can be reached at Ashley Duvall can be reached at

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