New job bill leaves some Seton Hall students worried

President Obama’s new job bill for 2012, The American Jobs Act, leaves seniors at Seton Hall wondering how it will affect them in their job search next year.

One of Obama’s main goals for this bill is to reduce unemployment, according to information released by the Office of the Press Secretary.

The bill sets out to give tax credits to employers who hire workers who have been searching for a job for at least six months.

This is a $447 billion bill with potential to make an investment in roads, airports and railroads to give jobs to construction workers, while preventing layoffs of teachers, cops and firefighters.

Obama wants to give funds to state governments so they will be able to rehire teachers and renovate schools, also according to the Office of the Press Secretary.

To obtain the money for funding, taxes will be raised for wealthy business owners.

These taxes could target any business owner making between $200 thousand and $250 thousand a year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Although students majoring in business may look at this bill negatively, other students who think positively about Obama’s proposals.

Danielle Jelinski, a senior nursing major, said this bill may end up helping her.

“I don’t think this bill will affect me negatively,” Jelinski said. “It could lead to better benefits and a higher salary, I think I’m safe.”

Robert Franco, assistant director of the career center, said a person will find a job if they are willing to find a job.

“The approach to job search does not change,” said Franco. “There are jobs. Those who take charge of their career have the advantage, regardless of the economy.”

Franco said the emphasis on finding a job lays more so on networking than anything.

“If you know how to add value to the employer, give a clear value-oriented resume, construct strong research and prepare for your interview well, you will be able to get a job,” Franco said.

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