SHU SGA looks into cafeteria alternatives

The Student Government Association discussed instituting some new changes to Gourmet Dining Services at its weekly meeting on Monday.

A vote was taken in which the SGA decided to establish a smoothie station that will be inside the cafeteria everyday.

The station is supposed to be a healthier alternative to the other drinks offered, according to SGA President Derel Stroud.

“The smoothie station is supposed to be almost like the hydration station,” Stroud said. “It should be there every day.”

After the vote was taken, there were concerns about the station being an obstruction in the cafeteria for cooks and students.

According to Stroud, the smoothie station is movable so it will not be a problem and there will still be space for other cafeteria fixtures.

The station will be placed in the cafeteria on Wednesday, Sept. 14., Stroud said.

Another issue that arose with GDS was the take out boxes.

Chief of Staff Grant McIntire said they were trying to implement the idea of being able to take out food from the buffet side of the cafeteria.

“A lot of times people don’t want to spend their pirate bucks and it’s a great way to use your swipes,” McIntire said. “It will also help cut down on guest meal issues.”

The arrangement of the program will permit students to swipe in at the buffet, grab a to-go box, leave their identification card at the front and fill up their box to go, according to McIntire.

McIntire said they are having some problems creating the program right now but they hope to get the program running in the near future.

Toward the end of the meeting, there was a vote for the new speaker of the senate because former Speaker of the Senate Michael Cruz decided to step down.

According to Cruz, he had other responsibilities and did not think he would be able to do his duties to the best of his ability.

Four senators at the meeting were eligible to become speaker of the senate but after all being nominated, they all respectfully declined.

The position then fell to the Resident Senator Elizabeth Dudley who decided that she would take on the task.

“Thank you for allowing me this responsibility” Dudley said, accepting the position.

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