Feminist display offends sanctity of the individual soul

To the Editor:

Upon their return to Seton Hall this fall, students have been greeted by a grim addition to the campus milieu. In the arcade leading to the main entrance of Walsh Library, a display has been erected that oozes an overwhelming hostility. This addition is not the result of vandalism or landscaping folly, but is a university-sanctioned exhibition, presumably erected in support of the radical feminist agenda. The display serves not to praise or support women, but instead to denigrate men. It suggests that men are violent beasts and that women are both enslaved by men and burdened by their own anatomy. In attempting to isolate identity as a manifestation of gender, the display attacks the dignity of each individual. The exhibition, which includes a chained and bloodied uterus alongside the word “manipulation” (with “man” highlighted in red), portrays men as perpetrators and women as victims. In effect, it asserts that the roles of men and women are predetermined and thus disregards the paramount importance of human volition. Thankfully, however, our lives are not dictated by gender. Men are not predestined to be perpetrators and women are not predestined to be victims, for each man determines his character and each woman determines her fate. The radical feminist display is, as such, an offense against anyone who believes in the sanctity of the individual soul and the power of human volition. Such an exhibition should not be featured so prominently and, frankly, does not deserve any place on campus whatsoever. In the face of this nihilist aggression, let us remember that a person is greater than the sum of his or her parts. Jordan McGillis Graduate Student, Whitehead School of Diplomacy The Setonian welcomes Letters to the Editor. All submissions must include the authors first and last name, as well as a phone number where the author can be reached. Submissions should be no more than 400 words. The Setonian reserves the right to edit submissions for style. Deadline for submission is noon on the Tuesday preceding publication. Letters can be e-mailed to Brenden Higashi, Opinion Editor, at thesetonianopinion@gmail.com.

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