Fall TV: Community

Ever wondered what it’d be like if you went to a community college, befriended the most random group of people you could possibly imagine, and continuously got into unimaginable predicaments with them? Well, if so, you could experience all of this without having to leave the comfort of your own dorm.

Simply tune into “Community” on NBC, Thursday nights at 8 p.m. starting Sept. 22, and all your wildest dreams will have come true in a little less than a half-hour. As a television show created by Dan Harmon, one of the minds behind “The Sarah Silverman Project,” it delivers as one of the funniest, underrated shows currently airing on television.

Never heard of “Community” before? Don’t sweat it. In relation to other programs shown on the same evening comedy block, such as headliners like “30 Rock” and “Parks and Recreation,” “Community” functions as an opening act – fairly unknown to the mainstream, but with a faithful, almost underground following. Rich with parodies on other television and film and “meta”-references (similar to breaking the fourth wall), seven unlikely friends Jeff, Annie, Shirley, Pierce, Troy, Abed, and Britta overcome outlandish situations within their own study group as well as their school, Greendale Community College.

Returning for its third season this fall, two seasons seems like a lot catch up on in so little time. But watching as ex-lawyer Jeff Winger, who is returning to college for faking his degree, underhandedly talks his way in and out of situations with the group, will soon become addicting and in short time, never get old. Soon enough, you’ll want this misfit study group to be your strangely lovable best friends too.

Chelsea Catlett can be reached at chelsea.catlett@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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