Boland Hall room relocations

Several room reassignments have occurred on the second, third and fourth floors of the south wing of Boland Hall to conserve energy in the building because of a substantial number of vacancies this semester.

Affected residents were sent an e-mail from housing and residence life on Wednesday, Sept. 7 that read “in an effort to reduce energy costs, and in the rights of the Housing License Agreement you agreed to upon applying for housing, we are asking you to move … by no later than Friday, Sept. 9 at 5 p.m.”

According to a resident assistant, who wished to remain anonymous on one of the affected floors, the situation was a surprise that made several of her residents confused and worried.

“I was heartbroken to see them so distressed,” the RA said. “I was also frustrated that I had no knowledge as to what was occurring and therefore no idea as to the next steps both they and I needed to take.”

The RA said that housing could have indicated to each resident assistant that room changes might be taking place so they, as well as their residents, could have been more prepared and equipped to handle the situation.

One resident, who also wished to remain anonymous, who was given a mandatory moving assignment was upset to be separated from her floor mates.

“We were all such a close family and being the only one who had to leave my side of the floor was disappointing,” the resident said.

Several students living in Boland in double occupancy rooms without roommates requested roommates, according to Cheryl Janus, assistant director of housing and residence life.

“To accommodate their requests, and in recognition that, as a whole, the University is becoming more sustainable in its use of resources, the decision was made to consolidate rooms on the second, third and fourth floors of the south wing of Boland,” Janus said.

Also according to Janus, under the housing agreement “the University reserves the right to reassign residents during the semester in order to consolidate vacant spaces and to increase room occupancy.”

The RA said that those who had been required to move have all settled into their new dorms. Although not altogether happy about their new living arrangements, students have reached a level of acceptance.

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