SHU’s Mobile Computing Program becomes topic of debate

Seton Hall’s Mobile Computing Program has become a topic of debate among students.

The program, mandated for all undergraduate students, allows a student to receive a new laptop during their freshman and junior years. Students may keep the second laptop, provided they fill out paperwork with the Asset Management Office, according to the Department of Information Technology.

Andrea Favero, a junior biology major, and Shelby Cadet, a sophomore biology major, did not know paperwork was needed to keep laptops.

“I just assumed we were able to keep it,” Favero stated.

According to the IT Department’s website, in addition to supplying students with laptops, the Mobile Computing Program Fee includes, “the licensing of the software on the laptop, extended warranty and insurance coverage on the laptop for the length of the lease, University email and network accounts, unlimited access to the Internet when connected to the SHU network, space on the web server, as well as all on-site support and training services provided by the University.”

Students can be charged “up to $125.00 per incident” for “non-warranty, accidental damage,” according to the IT Department’s website. Warranty repairs are covered completely by SHU.

Favero said that some parts on her laptop broke, but were not covered by the University. “They should cover repairs more extensively,”

However, Favero is pleased with the IT Department’s service regarding virus damage and cleaning.

Cadet said, “I know that with all the problems that I faced with my computer last semester alone, I would have paid hundreds and hundreds or dollars each time, so I believe the fee is worth it.”

Regardless of the fee, both Cadet and Favero feel the program is as good as other colleges.

“I like that the laptops are offered and they are all the same so that professors can easily assign work and know what the students are capable of doing,” Favero said. “It is an improvement from other universities.”

Cadet added, “I think that the program is actually really great because whenever I have a problem I can just get it fixed without having to worry that I’ll be without a computer for days or weeks at a time.”

The Mobile Computing Program Fee was $650 per a semester as of the 2011-2012 school year.

Vice President Dennis Garbini and Assistant Vice President David Middleton from Finance and Technology did not return requests for comment as of press time.

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