Damages delay semester start

Hurricane Irene passed through South Orange and the surrounding areas on August 27 and 28 resulting in damages and power outages on Seton Hall University’s campus.

The University canceled all day classes for Monday, August 29, according to a PirateAlert text message and email sent to all students at approximately 7:06 p.m..

According to the alert, evening classes will convene at 5:00 p.m. that day and employees are expected to report to work Monday morning.

Thomas Giordano, assistant director of Emergency Management said that only one off-campus facility is still without power but most flooding issues are resolved.

“The storm’s impact on the campus resulted in power failures in several buildings, basement flooding in office buildings and residence halls, water leaks in residence hall rooms, flooding of several roads and parking lots, and several small trees blown down,” Giordano said.

Several trees in the grassy area north of Boland before South Orange Avenue lost branches.

The parking area under the recreation center collected several inches of water and workers arrived to alleviate the flooding.

Sophomore Alexandra D’Alusio returned to her home in Scotch Plains Saturday afternoon after moving into her dorm room with students Jackie Felteau and Nicole Grasso in order to avoid staying in Cabrini Hall during the storm.

According to D’Alusio, her Volkswagen Jetta that she normally keeps at Seton Hall was crushed by a fallen tree in her driveway around 12:30 a.m. Sunday and totaled as a result.

“I honestly don’t understand why classes weren’t canceled earlier than Sunday night,” she said. “The ride back to school tonight was terrifying since we were avoiding feet of flooding, fallen trees and closed roads.”

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