South Orange Police Department releases identity of man charged with attack of Seton Hall student

The South Orange Police Department released the identity of the attacker involved in the physical assault of a Seton Hall student on Friday, July 29, early Monday. David Jackson, an 18 year old Newark resident , was the adult who was arrested along with three other juveniles at approximately 9:15 p.m. on July 29. According to the SOPD, Jackson punched the victim in the mouth while walking on South Orange Avenue. According to the blotter, the victim said the attack took place for “no apparent reason” as he was exiting the Farinella Gate. SOPD reported that responding officers witnessed the group of four fleeing the scene, and “apprehended after a brief foot chase.” Patrick Linfante, assistant vice president for Public Safety and Security, confirmed Monday that the Seton Hall students, who were involved in a verbal dispute which later evolved to the physical assault of one student, were on-campus residents leaving campus on Friday, July 29. According to Linfante, the assault, which apparently was the result of a verbal dispute over a cigar, took place around 9:10 p.m. on South Orange Avenue. Public Safety was notified of the crime at approximately 9:19 p.m. Public Safety notified the South Orange Police Department who, upon conducting a search of the area, apprehended four suspects, later identified by the victims. The Seton Hall community was not immediately notified of the crime via PirateAlert or broadcast e-mail. The safety alert containing the information was delivered early Saturday morning. “The assailants were apprehended almost immediately thus removing the threat of any further incidents involving these individuals,” Linfante said. “Their arrest removed the need for an immediate alert.” The alert, sent at approximately 6:53 a.m., said that three Seton Hall students were approached by a group of black males as they approached the Farinella Gate and engaged in a verbal dispute, which “escalated into an assault as one student was punched in the face.” According to the Alert, the South Orange Police Department was notified immediately. “After a brief search of the area, SOPD located four suspects (three juveniles and one adult male) who were identified by the victim,” the alert stated. Samantha Desmond can be reached at

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