Justin, Mila and audiences can’t help falling in love

Since “No Strings Attached” only came out at the beginning of this current year, could another movie about friends with benefits become a box office hit, or is it destined to repeat the same old unoriginal humor?

“Friends With Benefits,” released on July 22, tells the story of two friends, Jamie and Dylan, portrayed by Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake respectively. After both experience failed relationships and are labeled “emotionally damaged,” they embark on a challenge to prove that it is possible to just hook up with no emotional attachment. As they put it, “No relationship. No emotions. Just sex. Whatever happens, we stay friends.” While everyone warns them that it will never work, Jamie and Dylan’s friendship is put to the test.

The movie is filled with quick-witted, back and forth banter, specifically between Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’ characters. The two actors have great chemistry together, even though they had never met before they began this movie. They articulate their lines and actions with perfect delivery.

Also, the well-written and gripping script is sure to keep the audience intrigued the whole time. The humor throughout is fresh and unique. The romantic comedy’s jokes are not overdone in an obnoxious manner. There are many moments that are actually laugh out loud funny in which everyone in the theater burst into laughter.

With a good blend of both well-known and unknown songs, the soundtrack of the movie adds a strong dynamic to the story of the film. The cliché movie love songs are not cheesy; rather they add a certain something that makes the film fun and witty.

The scenery of the movie is quite exquisite. Set in both New York City and Los Angeles, the film shows the best of what both cities have to offer. Many of the locations, such as Central Park, Grand Central Station and some of California’s beaches, are spectacular and show the remarkable difference between East Coast and West Coast living.

Will Gluck, the director, did a magnificent job of putting this romantic comedy’s script on the big screen. And with power duo Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, the movie cannot go wrong.

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Author: Staff Writer

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