Sparks Fly’ at Taylor Swift’s Newark concert

It would have been a typical day in Newark if Taylor Swift had not been in town.

Swift has been lighting up New Jersey at the Prudential Center with performances on July 19 and 20, with another two shows scheduled for tonight and Saturday night as part of her 2011 “Speak Now” world tour. The tour is about saying the right words or any words, so you never regret what you do not say.

Approaching the Prudential Center on Wednesday night, there were thousands of people—mostly girls in dresses and cowboy boots—everywhere. Outside was a blow-up of Swift’s well-known hand-made heart sign, which was a perfect picture opportunity. Cover Girl, the sponsor of the tour, attracted the fans on the way in passing out free lipstick and a chance to take your picture for the big screen.

A dream for any Taylor Swift fan, the Prudential Center was filled with posters of the singer and souvenirs of every kind. NeedToBreathe was the opening act and they did a marvelous job of getting everyone excited for what was about to come.

The superstar made a breathtaking entrance with her song “Sparks Fly.” The lights went down and the screaming hit a high.

For the rest of the night all that could be seen were glow sticks, lit signs, hearts, the singer’s favorite number, 13 and Taylor Swift’s signature sparkle dresses in colors as bright as gold, silver, and red that helped light up the stage.

Taylor Swift not only brought the stage to life through her enthusiasm, but with carefully decorated and thought-out scenery that corresponded with each song. The feel of a small town came alive when she sang “Mean” in front of an old barn; you felt as if you were in church for a wedding during “Speak Now,” and it suddenly became colder as snow-looking confetti fell from the ceiling for “Back to December.”

Swift has said that each song of hers is like a page from her diary and she is writing stories of her life through the lyrics. She proves this through her strong and genuine emotions when singing each song. She most definitely pours her heart out and in return, the audience gives her their own.

With hit songs from her recent album such as “Mine” and “The Story of Us,” as well as classic favorites like “Fifteen,” “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me,” “Fearless,” and “Our Song,” Swift’s voice was barely heard as fans were singing every single word.

Personalizing the Newark tour and winning over the New Jersey crowd, Swift took out her guitar and sang Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi songs while the crowd sang along. It was definitely a memorable night for New Jersey.

While you may not find heavy metal or rock fans at this particular concert, you will find girls of all ages as well as the occasional group of boys. Labeled as a country sweetheart, Swift proved that true by graciously thanking everyone for coming and making the crowd feel like family. And speaking of family, if you look closely, you may be able to see Taylor Swift’s mom cheering her daughter on as she makes her way through the crowd.

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