J.K. Rowling quoth Pottermore

Fans of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series waited expectantly for the announcement the best-selling author promised to make on Thursday. Rowling announced via a web video that she will be opening Pottermore, an online website for fans that she described as “an online reading experience unlike any other.”

Rowling said this is her way of thanking her fans.

“Harry’s fans remain as enthusiastic and inventive as ever,” she said in the video. “So I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you, because no author could ask for a more wonderful and diverse and loyal readership.”

According to Rowling, the “Harry Potter”story will be available on Pottermore, but it will be built and shaped by the readers. Rowling also said that she plans on sharing additional information that she has “been hoarding for years about the world of Harry Potter.” The website will also be the exclusive place to buy digital audio books and e-books of the “Harry Potter” series.

“The digital generation will be able to enjoy a safe, unique online reading experience built around the ‘Harry Potter’ books,” Rowling said in the video.

“I’m excited about the new website, mostly because of the extra content,” said rising senior Michcella Tiscornia, a fan of the series. “I know Rowling has a great deal of information about spells and back stories that the public has yet to see. I can’t wait to read them!”

Rowling has said in the past that she will not be releasing other books following the Harry Potter character, but that she would like to release an encyclopedia of the facts and legends of the world she created that did not make it into the series.

“I don’t think J.K. Rowling will ever write another official book about Harry again,” Tiscornia said. “But I do think she will continue to give back to the fans through Pottermore. Truthfully, I would love to see her write a fresh new series of books.”

“I’m not sure what to think of Pottermore just yet,” said rising senior Christopher Cagna when he heard of the news. “Rowling’s explanation of it was pretty vague. However, if it somehow involves immersing ourselves in the stories digitally, then I guess that’s kind of cool. I’ll have to wait for her to explain it more before I get excited.”

The Pottermore website will not open officially until October, but Rowling said that a lucky few can enter the site early and help develop it.

“Just follow the owl,” she said. Fans can return to the website on July 31 to find out how to enter the site early.

The “Harry Potter” series has sold over 400 million copies worldwide, and has been translated into over 67 languages. The final film installment of the series will be released worldwide on July 15.

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