Gaga reaches “Edge of Glory” with latest album

In 2009, Lady Gaga declared herself as “The Fame Monster.” On May 23, Gaga released her latest album, “Born This Way,” in which she expressed her different identities.

Using different musical influences ranging from the 80s to techno to ballads, Lady Gaga’s album is sure to impress and will not let fans down.

Lady Gaga said her album was inspired by Bruce Springsteen and Def Leppard. The styles of these musicians are clearly present in the songs “Highway Unicorn (Road 2 Love)” and her ballad, “You and I.”

The album features many characters ranging from Mary Magdalene in her single “Judas,” to Marilyn Monroe, who she claims to be in “Bad Kids,” “Born This Way” and “Hair.”

Gaga’s songs in the past have been known to hold a lot of symbolism and stir up controversy because of the lyrics. The album, “Born This Way” is no different.

Although Lady Gaga was raised Catholic, fans may be surprised at how much Catholic symbolism she uses throughout the album.

When her single “Judas” was released during Holy Week this year, it was considered blasphemous with the lyrics: “Jesus is my virtue and Judas is the demon I cling to.”

“Bloody Mary” has a similar theme. Using biblical characters, such as “Punk-tius,” Pilate and Jesus, she seems to sing from Mary Magdalene’s point of view. Based on the urban legend, she invokes the vision of Bloody Mary repeating her name and many of the words three times throughout the song.

Lady Gaga also uses different languages in “Americano” and “Scheise.” The only translatable word in “Scheise” is monster, which may be a reference to her last album—or it may be Gaga-gibberish that she tends to add into many of her songs.

Another role Gaga takes on is Marilyn Monroe. In “Government Hooker” Gaga says, “Put your hands on me John F. Kennedy…” referring to the affair between J.F.K. and Monroe as she sings from Monroe’s point of view.

The CD finishes with “Edge of Glory,” an uplifting and powerful pop-techno ballad that features a sax solo from Clarence Clemons, a member of E Street Band.

Music critics have said the song sounds like it was influenced by Pat Benatar, who is known for her song “Love Is A Battlefield.”

Gaga has always been eccentric because she dresses up in crazy outfits, is constantly changing her hair and for her outrageous behavior at different events. Fans would not expect her music to be any different.

“Born This Way” embraces these many characteristics and inspirations that make up Lady Gaga, which is why her album is as great as it is.

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