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With finals week almost done, it may seem like the perfect time to reward yourself with new clothes for the summer. Yet, living on a college budget can make shopping difficult and spending hours at the mall and finding nothing makes the process even more unappealing. A simple solution for college students is

Kembrel is a website with popular brands such as French Connection, Original Penguin, Life After Denim and Creative Recreation at affordable sale prices exclusively for college students all across America.

The website was created by students Cherif Habib and Stephan Jacob who currently study at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Both are second-year MBA students who created Kembrel to “shop for less.”

Not only is it a website created by students, for students, but the models of the clothing are, you guessed it, students. This makes it easy to determine what you want to buy and how the clothes will actually look when you receive them. The website has clearly gone above and beyond to make itself student friendly.

While the clothing options are limited and only a few sales are offered at one time, it is difficult to ignore the amazing prices.

The signup process is simple. All that is needed is your current college “.edu” email. In addition, if you get a friend to sign up you get $1 to spend on Kembrel and an additional $10 once they make their first purchase.

You can get a jump-start to your shopping and start this week with sales on Hoddies, Neivz Jewelry, Vintage tees and Tresbobo tops. The sales last about three to five days.

Buyer beware, however, because the process is rather lengthy. After the order is placed, the shipping process will not begin until about six to ten days after which there is an additional three to five day wait.

The process is prolonged because the all of the orders are merged into one at the end of the sale. This is what enables the website to provide such great discounts. After the order is placed, it takes about three to five days to get the items from the brand and ship it.

Although there are negative aspects to Kembrel, it is a great alternative way to spend wisely without sacrificing the quantity and quality of clothing desired.

If Kembrel does not provide enough options for you there are other websites similar to that can. These websites, and other sample sale websites, have less of a discount, but more options and less time to wait. These includes Gilt, RueLaLa, TheTopSecret, Row Nine and HauteLook.

Enjoy saving and buying, shop away!

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