Student left homeless after violating community standards

A Seton Hall student from China was suspended from University housing without outside living accommodations on April 21 after he violated the University’s Community Standards policy.

Freshman business major Sang Huem Lee, a South Korean native whose family lives in China, was removed from housing after a series of events involving him and another University student whose name is currently being withheld.

Lee was placed on Probation I, which according to a Dec. 16, 2010 email from Winston Roberts, coordinator for Community Standards, is a result of “one or two minor community standards violations.” Lee provided The Setonian with the email.

Lee was also placed under a no contact order which he violated at a Chinese speech event on April 19 causing further University action to be taken. Lee approached the student after he left in the middle of a speech, which, according to Lee, is considered to be disrespectful in the Chinese culture.

“I don’t think the University understands the culture thing,” Lee said. “I feel very disrespected by the University. I think the student body should be aware of what the Office of Community Standards has done to me.”

After being notified by the University of his removal from housing, which prohibits him from being within 25 feet of a housing facility, as well as no access to a meal plan, Lee said he attempted to appeal the decision several times.

Lee’s case is now considered closed, and he said no one from the University will speak to him.

Lee said he took responsibility for the situation and apologized to both the community and the student involved.

According to Lee, while the appeal was in process he was still unable to enter his room which forced him to sleep elsewhere.

“I stayed outside Monday, April 25,” Lee said. “I spent some of the night at the church and some on the bench.”

Lee has since been staying with a friend, off-campus.

Despite receiving no help from the Office of Community Standards, Lee said he visited the Office of International Programs which helped him look into living options.

“They have somewhat tried to help,” Lee said.

Lee is planning on attending the University of Illinois next year because his removal from housing extends until December 31, 2011.

“They are pushing me to leave school, I have to transfer,” Lee said. “I love Seton Hall, and the people are generally kind.”

Although Lee said he is unhappy with the University’s decision, he said he does not plan to take legal action.

Roberts did not return requests for comment by press time.

The Setonian also reached out to Christopher Kuretich, associate dean of students, but he declined to comment.

Rae Esmores, residence coordinator for Boland Hall, and Tara Hart, director of Housing and Residence Life, also declined to comment on the situation.

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