Students’ second annual LipDub goes viral

The chant “Let’s go Pirates, let’s go. Let’s Go Pirates, let’s go” is something one would expect to hear at a winter Basketball game, not on the track in the Field House in the middle of April.But such was the case this past Friday April 15 during Seton Hall’s Relay for Life event when the second annual Seton Hall LipDub was filmed.

At 1:30 p.m., LibDub organizer Dominick Scavelli was laying out how the filming of the first half of the video would go in the Pirates’ Cove.

“Our first session yielded just the right amount of students for the scene,” Scavelli said.

The atmosphere in the Cove among the “LipDubbers” was light, with everyone joking around and having a good time.

After everyone was given a part to play, ranging from dancers to confetti throwers, Scavelli could be seen mouthing the words to “Firework” behind the handmade camera stand that he created. Scavelli acted with the professionalism of a Hollywood Director in the way he orchestrated the video with ease.

The second part of the LipDub was filmed at the Relay for Life event and had a much larger turnout.

“During Relay for Life, I was thrilled to see so many students run up as soon they heard of the opportunity to participate,” Scavelli said.

He was happy with the student turnout and the final LibDub video.

“Overall this year’s LipDub was phenomenal. Students from all across campus came out to support our video and I couldn’t be happier with the final production,”Scavelli saidScavelli said.

During the “Let’s go Pirates, Let’s go. Let’s go Pirates, let’s go” chant, Seton Hall pride seemed stronger than ever.

Click the link to watch the LipDub video here:

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