Incoming SGA members discuss library hours, GDS and new smoking rules initiative

The incoming e-board of the Student Government Association held their first town council session on Monday night, proposing new initiatives for the upcoming year.

The board, who campaigned themselves as “Across the SHU-niverse,” includes incoming president Derel Stroud, vice president Brian Fucci and secretary Dolores Bujnowski. The new treasurer is Mark Buryk. Stroud and Buryk will be seniors next year, Brian will be a junior and Dolores will be a sophomore.

“We are looking forward to a great year,” Stroud said after introducing plans for major initiatives, including a new campus smoking rules initiative, expanding Walsh library hours, improved communication with clubs and changes with Gourmet Dining Services.

The smoking initiative plans to move smoking away from residence halls and academic buildings.

“We are looking to enforce the current rules and promote considerate smoker awareness,” Fucci said.

Bunjowski added that this initiative also proposes going green.

The most optimal reform for the library hours, according to Stroud, would be to have the hours return to a 24/5 schedule, but Stroud said the SGA is willing to negotiate with the University. The hours were shortened in the first place due to budget cuts and workers being contracted out, also according to Stroud.

One main initiative is a more open line of communication among the SGA and clubs on campus. Stroud said smaller clubs should be recognized for their achievements.

Many clubs are also switching to the tier system, which allots budgets up to $3,000 based on membership size and restrictions among four tiers.

The incoming board also wants to promote the option of additional funding, which according to Fucci, many clubs do not know about.

“We want people coming to us,” Fucci added.

The SGA has been given $10,000 from the President’s office, according to Stroud, who hopes that clubs will take the opportunity to use it.

The re-evaluation with GDS proposes a switch in the hydration station to involve a healthier take-out smoothie option and to make the station limited to more popular flavors instead of taking it away.

Also, Stroud described a proposed meal plan with less swipes and more Pirate Bucks as well.

Installation of the new board will be on Friday at 3 p.m. in the Chancellor’s Suite. It is an open event.

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