Pusha T loses ‘Malice’ on solo mixtape

As one of the most popular hip-hop artists on Kanye West’s GOOD Music label today, Pusha T is no rookie to the game. As one half of the popular collective Clipse, Pusha and his brother Malice had a firm grasp on the hip-hop scene in the early part of the 2000s.

Although the two have not released an album together in nearly three years, both artists have remained relatively busy. Malice, who has not pursued as extensive of a career as his other half, is now an ardent Christian and plans to write a book on the subject. Pusha continues to rap as a solo artist alongside Kanye West, among others.

Last week, Pusha released his highly anticipated first mixtape, “Fear of God.” The mixtape features artists such as Rick Ross, Kevin Cossom, Kanye West and 50 Cent.

The interesting thing about the mixtape overall is the diversity in the songs. Some of the tracks are a throwback to Pusha’s rougher style while other tracks have more of a radio -single mold.

When releasing music with Clipse, Pusha was the weaker of the two lyricists but had the better flow, which is why this mixtape is surprisingly enjoyable. Pusha found a way to mix his authentic flow and sound with his own well-written verses.

There are definitely some weak songs on the mixtape, however. The first track to be released, “My God,” is probably the weakest on the release. The production overall is solid and the choice of beats could have been worse, however some of the bad ones are downright unenjoyable. “Raid,” the song featuring 50 Cent, has an awful chorus and it does not help that 50 Cent sounds like he has not spit verses in several years.

Another song with potential that was never fully realized is “Touch It.” The song, featuring Kanye West, has an interesting beat but another poor chorus. The lyricism is definitely lacking as well, which is incredibly disappointing for a song featuring West.

There are two songs on the mixtape that stand above the rest. The first is “Feeling Myself” featuring Kevin Cossom, which is probably the most likely radio hit on the release. Cossom, who is signed to Jive Records, first rose to the surface on Drake’s mixtape track “I Get Paper” and struck gold again on his second major hit, this time with Pusha. The track has a light, summery feel to it and is extremely catchy.

The second song, “I Still Wanna,” is less catchy but more fiery. On the song, Pusha and Rick Ross come together for the finest lyrical content and the best flow on the entire effort.

If there is anyone who has constantly been progressing as an artist over the past year, it is Rick Ross, who has several notable features from 2010, specifically Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress” and The Game’s “Stop.” Together the two produce magic and hopefully it will not be the last time they work together.

As far as the work of Clipse as a group, Pusha ensured Clipse fans that a new album will eventually be out this year.

“The Clipse dynamic has always been what it is,” Pusha said in an interview with XXL Magazine.”Malice has always been the one to dig a little bit deeper and show a little bit more perspective in the verses and so on and so forth, regardless of whatever he’s talking about. So I don’t think that’s going to change much. But like I said, we’ve got a new Clipse album coming too.”

No matter when it is released the new Clipse album is sure to please hip-hop fans all over, and if “Fear of God” is any indication of Pusha’s lyrical progression, Clipse fans will certainly be in for a treat.

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Author: Staff Writer

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