City-planning: Alternate NY attractions

Spring is here and many students are looking for adventurous activities other than sitting on the somehow-still-snowy green. If you are one of them, remember: New York City is a short train ride away, so get out of your dorm and experience something new!

The city is filled with countless shops, restaurants, clubs, delis and stores. Whether you are taking your loved one on a date before leaving home for the summer or having a fun day or night out with friends, the city is the place to be.

Trying to save some money? Hitch a ride from a friend to get to the Newark Penn station Path (it is only a $1.75) or take advantage of the convenience of the Shufly and jump on a train at the South Orange Train Station. Tickets are $13.50 round trip. Students can also take the option of the New Jersey Transit bus for only a few dollars.

Once you arrive at Penn station, if you are feeling adventurous, try grabbing a bag of peanuts, and either take a taxi or subway to your destination. You can also take the E train uptown to 53rd and Lexington transfer to the 6 train to 59th and you have landed in the heart of Manhattan.

You can shop for the perfect outfit for any occasion. There are stores down the strip like Diesel, H&M, Victoria Secret, Steve Madden, The Body Shop, Sephora and the list goes on.

Need to de-stress? Take the 4 train downtown to 14th Street Union Square, transfer to the 6 train to Astor Place and walk a block to St. Marks place to get to the East Village. This has a busy and lively atmosphere, filled with Caf és, Asian, Japanese and Middle Eastern restaurants, tea shops, ice cream, karaoke, lounges, bars and little shops.

Midterms have just ended, and finals are right around the corner, so a class at Yoga to the People on 12 St. Marks Place is a great way to relax and release all of your tension and stress. Bring your own mat or rent one at the studio for only $2!

The studio has three floors of yoga studios with amazing and peaceful rooms. Go to enjoy the soothing atmosphere with friends and loved ones.

Yoga to the People allows you to take an hour long yoga class at the cost of a small donation. The instructor will have you go through each move in class and allow you to explore each pose and movement on your own. You begin to work up a sweat and learn breathing exercises great for relaxation. Conveniently enough, it has a changing room for all guests.

These classes help you strengthen your core and find your inner self while focusing on your body. You leave class a little limber and satisfied, even though it can be challenging at times.

Yoga to the People is open seven days a week, but make sure you arrive at least ten minutes early to class to get a spot because it is a very popular destination.

You can also visit them at and check out their candlelit yoga classes for an even more tranquil experience.

You can end your adventure at Webster Hall at an event, concert, or for dancing on 3rd avenue 8th street Astor place. The nightclub is very safe, and you can go dancing there even if you are under 21.

April 2 there is a circus and theme party where you only have to be 19 to get in. General admission at the door is $30 dollars, but advanced online is $15.

There will be flying trapeze, fire breathers, snake charmers, and six dance floors with every type of music. They even have concerts every month like the Black Lips and Vivian Girls on April 12 and the avante-garde indie group Of Montrael on April 30. Check out the full schedule on to see what events are right for you.

Whether you go to the city to shop, have a nice dinner and dessert, to heal your body at yoga or go and get your party in the East Village, a trip will relieve your stress and allow you to have a great time before leaving home for summer vacation.

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