SGA proposes new ‘smoking areas’ to combat second hand smoke

SGA proposed a “Smoking Area Initiative” and also clarified confusion regarding a take-out box initiative in the Caf and addressed the need for new student senators, as well as addressing new and past initiatives at their weekly meeting on Feb. 21.

President Melissa Boege clarified that the Gourmet Dining Services takeout boxes would not be used for the buffet, but used with the cash operation stations such as Nathan’s. SGA is also encouraging students to run for open Senate spots. “We need a good pool of qualified people,” Vice President Jesse Beutell said. Village Liaison Chair, Kelsey Coolidge, talked about the success of the South Orange Library Program which started last Thursday. “There were ten middle school students,” said Coolidge. “The students were such really good kids, and the librarians were glad to have them.” Coolidge also discussed the Good Neighbor Network program that’s getting started. “In South Orange if you don’t maintain your property you’re issued citations. Some of these citations include fines and other forms of penalties,” Coolidge said. “Some people can’t always maintain their property like the elderly or people with health issues. So what we’re doing is connecting able body people to work with unable body people to do this in hopes that they can avoid citations.” Senator Derel Stroud discussed the potential Smoking Area Initiative. “Second hand smoking is a health issue on campus,” Stroud said. “So, we want to see if the school can put out gazebos so students aren’t smoking in front of the gousing halls and academic buildings. So instead of saying ‘go smoke somewhere else’ we want to provide a place for students to do so” Technology Environment Design, a non-profit devoted to ‘ideas worth spreading,’ spoke at the meeting and are currently organizing a conference scheduled to take place on April 8. “This year’s theme (for the conference) is ‘What’s your green,'” Coolidge, who is also the marketing director for TEDx, said. “When we ask what’s your green, we ask what’s your inspiration.” In addition, SGA motioned to grant the sum of $2,000 to the TEDx Seton Hall Conference. Several guest speakers will be present as well as University professors, such as Judith Stark of the Philosophy department, and Peter Savastano, of the department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work. Senator Elizabeth Gabriel announced Senator Drew Holden will be making a formal Honors minor proposal at the next Honors meeting. She also announced the push for an Honors Nursing Program. Fadesola Ojeikere can be reached at

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