Hall tuition programs offer benefits for staff

University programs such as tuition remission and tuition exchange are both beneficial and rewarding, according to Seton Hall University faculty who have utilized them.

Tuition remission, as listed in the policies of the Department of Human Resources, states that “Seton Hall University (‘Seton Hall’ or ‘University’) provides tuition remission benefits for eligible employees, their spouses and/or dependent children for undergraduate and graduate level study at the University.” The program only covers tuition and does not include room and board or university fees applied during the time of enrollment. Interim Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Joan Guetti has used both tuition remission and tuition exchange. According to Guetti, for an employee it is a significant financial benefit to have the opportunity to provide a degree from a four year, private institution with an excellent reputation to yourself or your child. “While it is obviously an attractive program, I would not send my sons to the College of Arts & Sciences simply to take advantage of this employee benefit,” Guetti said. “My sons attend Seton Hall because I value educational quality.” Associate Professor of Communication, Thomas Rondinella feels the benefits of the program as well. “I think it is a very beneficial program for faculty, administration and staff,” Rondinella said. “Seton Hall University is an excellent university.” Rondinella currently has two daughters enrolled at the University and had one daughter graduate in 2009. According to speech and theatre professor, Deidre Yates, the program affirms that Seton Hall is proud of their faculty, staff and administration. “We confidently welcome our own children to this institution knowing they will receive a wonderful education and grow as young men and women both spiritually and personally,” Yates said. Yates has had two children come through Seton Hall University. “Since my children have been around Seton Hall for the majority of their lives, it was a natural progression for them,” Yates said. “They were excited to officially become a part of the Pirate community.” While the University provides a good education, Yates does not deny the financial benefits. “I won’t lie that one motivation was that my children would be able to graduate from an excellent university without loans,” Yates said. Tuition exchange also offers financial benefits. The policy explains that “This organization faculty, administrators and staff with both the opportunity and financial support for their eligible, dependent child(ren) to earn an undergraduate degree at another college or university that participates in the Program.” Guetti, whose son used the tuition exchange program to attend Catholic University of America, said the list of schools in the program can change from year to year, but they include various institutions of higher education. “The student applying for tuition exchange must be deemed eligible to participate, accepted by the school they wish to attend, and then be awarded the tuition by the accepting school,” Guetti said. Tuition exchange scholarships cannot be guaranteed by another university, according to the policy. Benefits Manager, Kimberly Mangum, declined to comment as well as Dean of Students and Community Development Secretary, Isabel Sam-Garni. Human Resources Benefits Specialist, Babette Brooks and Gourmet Dining Services did not return request for comment by press time. Ashley Duvall can be reached at ashley.duvall@student.shu.edu.

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