Quick and delicious pasta: p(r)esto!

If you are looking for a savory escape from the repetitive and sometimes lackluster meals on the Caf menu, look no further than the plethora of pasta options available. These make-it-yourself dishes provide an opportunity to appease your palate with a cheesy tortellini coated in creamy ricotta and pesto.


– Tortellini

– Oil

– Garlic

– Pesto

– Ricotta Cheese

– Grilled or Rotisserie Chicken

– Mozzarella or Parmesan Cheese

Begin by coating the bottom of the pan in oil (just enough to cover the surface) and set the burner between 500 and 800 degrees.

Once the oil is heated, add a small amount of garlic to the pan. Generally, a very small amount is enough, since the garlic is minced. Stir the garlic in the hot oil and let it simmer for one minute.

After the garlic is mixed in the oil, it is time to add tortellini. It is important to keep stirring the pasta as it is cooking in the pan, so that the garlic is evenly distributed and the pasta does not stick to the pan. Once the pasta is in the pan, add about a quarter spoonful of pesto and ricotta cheese (amounts may be changed depending on your portion or pasta preference).

You may also feel free to add grilled or rotisserie chicken if it suits you. You do not need a large amount; a spoonful is enough. If you are cutting up rotisserie chicken, you only need about half a portion in a pan.

Continue stirring the pasta, mixing the pesto and ricotta evenly in the pan. Cook through until the pasta is hot (you know you have overcooked, cooked too high, or used insufficient oil if the pasta is sticking to the pan!)

Scoop the pasta onto a plate and either leave the garlic and oil in the pan or drizzle the mixture over the dish for added flavor. Grab a dinner roll, garnish the plate with mozzarella or (if you are lucky to find some) parmesan cheese and you have a homemade savory dish in less than seven minutes.

Samantha Desmond can be reached at samantha.desmond@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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