Dorm daze: sleep with one eye open

Moving into college is always a nerve-wracking experienfor first-time dormers. In the new movie “The Roommate,” starring Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly, this real-life experience is portrayed in a more-frightening-than-normal way when Rebecca, played by Meester, tries to take sharing to a whole new level.

The movie portrays over-obsession to its limits. From the very first time Sara and Rebecca meet in the movie, one could tell that there was something wrong with Rebecca just by her facial expressions and odd behavior.

However, while “The Roomamate” provides frightening imagery, the film fails to keep the audience guessing, and often suffers from predictable plotlines.

Normally when one thinks about having a roommate, one plans on sharing, trying to become good friends without any problems or complications.

In Rebecca’s case, sharing Sara’s socks and jewelry was not enough to satisfy her; Rebecca wanted to share Sara’s life and made sure no one got in her way.

The movie takes real-life dorm experiences to a frightening level when Rebecca began to kill anyone or anything she felt was her competition.

The movie was not very accurate when it came to dorm lifestyle and psycho roommates; even the parties seemed surreal.

Sophomore Clair Tattoli, who recently saw the movie, said that if she had a crazy roommate like Rebecca, her reaction would have been different than Sara’s.

“I’d probably be crazy right back, act crazier than her with the hopes of her moving out,” she said. “If that didn’t work I would move.”

Sophomore Sabrina Brown said that she would rely on the advice of a friend. if a friend noted something wrong with her roommate, brown said she would decide it was time to move out.

Both Brown and Tattoli agreed that they would play mind games and try to act crazier than their roommate if ever put in that same situation as Sara.

Aside from the roommate situation, the movie failed to portray real dorm life. The dorms were large and filled with expensive-looking furniture.

Brown said, “No dorms look that nice.”

Nevertheless, Tattoli felt that it succeeded to portray college life in the fact that sometimes not all living situations go well and sometimes roommates do not get along.

While the film had some pitfalls it leaves everyone with a similar wish: that no one ever gets a roommate like Rebecca.

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