SGA announces approval of ‘take-out box’ program

Take-out boxes are an upcoming initiative to be implemented in the Caf, according to the Student Government Association at their weekly meeting on Feb. 7.

President Melissa Boege announced the “take-out box” idea proposed to Gourmet Dining Services has been approved. As part of the take-out box idea, students will be provided with clean Tupperware containers which can be used to take food out of the buffet in the Caf.

Village Liaison Chair Kelsey Coolidge also discussed the Rejuvenating South Orange Library Program and announced Jersey Cares Day was coming up.

“It’s a day long charity volunteer event,” Coolidge said. “Groups can sign up and do projects in different areas. My group made a nice mural for a high school to beautify the place.”

The transportation services such as CASE vans were also addressed. Senator Garnet Roberts-Batson said not enough commuter students understand that other campus transportation available besides the SHUFLY.

“The CASE van covers half a mile radius outside the campus,” Roberts-Batson said. “Many students have been mugged walking outside of campus to spots where the SHUFLY may pick them up. Walking around late at night can be dangerous so I want to help make students more aware that the school has these transportations for students.”

Freshmen senators Drew Holden and Christian Warneke said they plan to meet with the Honors Committee about the survey given to freshmen honors students.They plan on helping to voice students’ desires to be awarded a minor or certificate upon completion of the Honors Program.

This issue was voiced by students at SGA’s town hall meeting last semester.

Senator Harjaap Singh addressed the need for students to utilize the Language Resource Center as much as possible.

“If we start to use it, a lot of changes could be made like flexible hours and new software,” Singh said.

The lack of language lab use by students was discussed at last week’s meeting.

Senator Elizabeth Gabriel discussed changing the transfer policy for University laptops.

The implementation of this change would allow transfer students to get a laptop refresh after paying the mobile computing fee.

Senator Jay Zalowitz announced the Jim and Judy O’Brien Financial Markets and Economic Colloquium, held Tuesday, which is an annual colloquium to encourage business students, practitioners and faculty knowledge sharing.

A separate announcement was also made regarding China Night, held Tuesday.

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