Go ‘Above’ and beyond for dinner this Valentine’s Day

When searching for the perfect venue for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, look no further than Above. Though its fare comes at a price, its offer of soft lighting, opulent décor, excellent service and gourmet quality food make it the best choice for a fancy dinner.

Above’s location on South Orange Avenue not only ensures a decadent meal within reach, but one made of the finest and freshest gourmet ingredients from the Eden Gourmet grocery store directly beneath it.

While the restaurant displays only a few Valentine’s Day decorations, it makes up for the near absence of festivity with its everyday setup. Beautiful mosaics and paintings decorate the walls of the dining room while the bar area sports a display of the restaurant’s wine selection.

Above also offers plush booths and dining chairs, spotless white napkins and crystal goblets, which lend an air of elegance to every visit. Despite the fancy setting, Above’s friendly staff makes every customer feel at home, giving the restaurant a more laid-back feel compared to other upscale eateries.

While the ambiance is inviting, nothing is more important than the food, and Above certainly makes the cut when it comes to quality. The chefs prepare decent portions of delicious dishes like Spicy Tuna Mignon, a thick cut of tuna seared to perfection on both sides and topped with a unique blend of spices, and the Penne Caponata, which boasts a delectable mix of vegetables in a savory sauce and many more mouthwatering entrées.

Before rushing into the main course, however, one may wish to sample some of Above’s appetizers. There are many selections to choose from, such as rich Artichoke and Spinach Dip, Pork Croquettes or Seasonal Oysters. Soups and salads include Kabocha Pumpkin Bisque, served with granny smith apple fritters, and Wilted Baby Spinach salad with roasted woodland mushrooms and honey mustard dressing.

The best part of any meal is possibly the dessert, and Above satisfies in this area as well. While Above is best known for their Bread Pudding with Butterscotch Crunch and caramel sauce, their Autumn Pear Tart is quite a treat as well. Above also offers classics like Pecan Pie and Warm Apple Crumble, which are great on a cold winter evening. Not all of the desserts were so tasty, however. Most disappointing of the desserts was the Crème Brulee, a dish renowned for its delicate vanilla flavor, which was completely lacking in this area.

The quality of the food is mostly high, though sometimes inconsistent and a little on the pricey side. Despite this slight hitch, the service provided and the atmosphere that it is provided in, along with the excellent location, make Above an delightful place to share a romantic evening with a loved one.

Andrea Aguirre can be reached at andrea.aguirre@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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