Skating to class

In the wake of Tuesday’s ice and snowstorm, many students felt campus was comparable to a “sheet of ice.”

Sophomore Alexa Mangini said the conditions of the walkways this morning were horrible.

“I was literally ice skating to class,” Mangini said. “My sister is a freshman here and fell two times today.”

Junior Matt Sartori also said the morning commute across campus was a difficult one.

“The Green was like a sheet of ice when I walked across it this morning,” Sartori said. “I don’t know why they didn’t put salt down.”

Mangini said she did not see salt on the ground until well into the afternoon.

“When I got out of my 2:15 class the walkways seemed better,” Mangini said. “There was salt down, however, the salt was only in certain areas and not spread around the walkway.”

Freshman Lawrence Garafola said he was concerned because they seemed to be working on the walkways after the storm had begun rather than having worked to prevent it.

“I can see them working,” Garafola said. “However, I feel that their work is subpar and much too late.”

The University canceled all classes after 2:30 p.m.

Freshman Samara Bustamante felt cancelling classes was a good idea.

“It’s like the campus is covered in an invisible sheet of ice,” Bustamante said. “It is extremely dangerous especially for the commuters who have to get back home.”

The tri-state area is expected to receive one-fourth to one-half of an inch of ice accumulation by Wednesday afternoon.

“I feel the campus has a lot of work ahead of them if this ice storm is going to be as bad as the news says,” Mangini said. “I feel they could do a better job by spreading the salt and shovelling the slush.”

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