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All summer, “American Idol” fans across the country waited impatiently for the hit show to announce the new panel of judges for its 10th season. On Jan.19, the new season of “American Idol” premiered with its two new judges, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and singer/actress/entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez.

Along with Randy Jackson, this new panel of judges seems to work well together so far. Their distinctive personalities complement each other.

Rocker Steven Tyler adds a breath of fresh air to the show with his edge and candidness, but Fox might not appreciate his cursing on live shows.

Jennifer Lopez has earned herself the position as the nice judge who feels bad saying “no” while trying to remain positive in her criticism. The atmosphere and advice in the audition room seems more pleasant than in past seasons. The judges are not snickering as the contestants audition or making fun of their intelligence. There have yet to be any petty arguments between judges that detract from the talent aspect of the show.

The new judges of “Idol” also have notable talent and credibility. They have sold millions of records and are still relevant today. Audiences may take their opinions more seriously than those of Ellen DeGeneres, who has no musical background, and Kara DioGuardi, who may be successful but was virtually unheard of before the show.

In the past few seasons, “American Idol” has shown more of the silly and outrageously bad auditions than the actual good ones. While this can be funny, it became old very quickly. This season’s audition episodes show more talent than other seasons. By showing the more talented contestants in the audition process, this season already appears better than past ones.

Also new this season, Universal Music executive Jimmy Iovine has become the “in-house mentor” to the contestants every week. Chairman of this season’s new record label, Interscope Records, Iovine, along with a creative team including Timbaland, will help the contestants create original arrangements and material.

In the last few seasons, the show has really been showing its age. Each season felt like a repeat of the last. While the format of the show has stayed the same, this season has experienced a significant revamping. Hopefully, the new changes to the show will help pull the “American Idol” out of its rut.

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