Everybody loves Esteban

The appointment of Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban as president of the University has been well received among members of the University community.

“The appointment of Dr. Esteban as permanent president of the University was greeted with great applause at the A&S Chairs’ retreat on Tuesday morning,” Joan Guetti, interim dean of Arts & Sciences, said.

Newark Archbishop John J. Myers, who is also the chair of the University’s Board of Regents and president of the Board of Trustees, issued a statement Tuesday.

“At this time in her history, Seton Hall University deserves both a consistency in her leadership, and a consistent and dedicated leader who will serve Seton Hall with distinction,” Myers said.

Esteban’s handling of the death of sophomore Jessica Moore and injury of two other University students at an off-campus house party in East Orange last September was frequently mentioned.

“He made himself to be a presence on campus and among the students, and guided the University through a difficult semester and a tragic event,” Student Government Association president, Melissa Boege, said.

Guetti said Esteban’s genuine character shone especially during the aftermath of the shootings.

“He is a very genuine person – so dramatically evidenced during the week-end of the shootings and in mourning for Jessica Moore,” Guetti said.

William Decotiis, Arts & Sciences senator and chairman of the finance committee highlighted Esteban’s performance during both the shooting and the alleged sexual assault.

“I do feel that both Dr. Esteban and the administration as a whole acted appropriately within the realm of their responsibilities,” Decotiis said.

Ann Szipszky, parking services manager, also mentioned Esteban’s performance during a “rough fall semester.”

“He has handled himself perfectly being the face of the University and being there for the Seton Hall community,” Szipszky said.

Decotiis noted, however, that he would “hesitate” to say that events such as the shooting and the alleged assault were “driving factors” in Esteban’s appointment

“Dr. Esteban’s qualifications and character has resulted in a rapport with both students and faculty that in my opinion sets him apart from other candidates,” Decoitis said.

Senior Anthony Caputo said that Dr. Esteban was chosen because of his credentials not due to a lack of candidates.

“I think they whole heartedly made the decision,” Caputo said.

Freshman Jessica Fleischman said that she wishes Dr. Esteban luck in his presidency.

“He really made becoming a freshman an enjoyable experience,” Fleischman said.

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