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In 1982, Disney began to explore the then unknown potential of computers with the production of the science fiction film, “Tron.” The premise of this movie explored the inner-workings of computer software by pitting different programs against each other in classic arcade games like Centipede and Pong.

What made the film stand out among its peers were the special effects techniques many considered ahead of its time, but would seem outdated by today’s standards. Nearly three decades after Tron’s release, Disney dusted off their old success with the release of the sequel, “Tron: Legacy.” Fans of the original can only imagine what this film has in store with recent advances in technology.

One of the most distinctive features of any movie is the soundtrack, as it controls the tone and guides the audience. When making a movie about computers the only thing to do would be to make a soundtrack based on electronics. Disney has gone one step further by employing the French electronic music duo, Daft Punk.

Listeners may recognize them with songs like “One More Time” and “Digital Love.” Not only did Daft Punk write the entire soundtrack of Tron Legacy, but they composed the entire score as well.

From early online releases, it would appear that the hit from this soundtrack would be “Derezzed” as it captures the playful yet combative tone of the movie. Having seen this movie and listened to the soundtrack separately, they fit together perfectly to create a unique sound and great movie.

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