The Voice: Tree lighting, holiday events are welcome additions

The Setonian welcomes Interim President Gabriel Esteban’s proposal to hold a formal Christmas tree lighting ceremony. \

After the tumultuous semester the Seton Hall community has experienced, with the tragic death of Jessica Moore, multiple students falling victim to crime off campus and the recent false allegation of sexual assault, we believe Seton Hall needs a positive close to the semester.

In the page 4 story, “Christmas spirit ‘snows’ on University,” Msgr. Ziccardi, vice-president of Mission and Ministry, said he does not remember there being any ceremony surrounding the lighting of the tree in the past.

We believe that there could not have been a better time to begin a new holiday tradition at Seton Hall. The Setonian has been present throughout the semester as each piece of news broke and developed. The recent student walk out to call for Public Safety improvements and the upcoming competing “Rally to Restore Sanity” to help inform students about Public Safety’s security policies, both highlight student unrest, competing views and tensions among the student body.

The student body could use the festivity of the holiday season to provide a welcome break in the stressful, end-of-the-semester hustle and bustle to wrap up coursework, prepare for finals and help to put the events of this semester behind them.

Between the University’s tree lighting ceremony, the Student Activities Board’s Winter Ball and ice skating on the Green events, students will have multiple opportunities to take study breaks and help to ensure their semesters end on good note.

We believe students should take these opportunities to give their semesters a positive ending and we hope the University will continue with a formal tree-lighting ceremony in future years. Hopefully such events will help foster a greater sense of community on campus.

Author: Staff Writer

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