Many students voice concerns at SGA town hall meeting

The Student Government Association hosted a town hall meeting in place of the weekly meeting on Nov. 15, where senators took time to discuss problems and suggestions with students such as content requests for the library, requests for Boland Hall temperature control and suggestions for minor programs and financial aid.

The informal sit-down session happens once every semester.

Due to the infrequency of the session, senators urged student attendees that they can come to any meeting and state their opinions.

Freshman diplomacy major, Andrew Pelizzaro suggested that the scholarly journal, “The Economist”, should be added into the University library’s collection of newspapers and magazines. Pelizzaro said he feels that it would be an important and necessary addition for diplomacy students.

Another suggestion was from freshman, Claire McGuinness.

“Even though there is an Honors program for philosophy, the school doesn’t offer a minor towards it,” McGuinness said. “The honors program is the same amount of credits as a minor, but it only offers a certificate.”

Handling both suggestions was Senator Jessica Noto, who will then give the comments to academic affairs for the possibility of positive changes in the students’ favor.

Senator Jay Zalowitz, a senior finance major, expressed his concern about the changes in Seton Hall’s need-based aid.

“Due to financial aid, I thought I wouldn’t be able to come back here,” Zalowitz said. “Seton Hall needs more transparency in the financial aid process. It is clear to me that there are many other frustrated people.”

Zalowitz also said Seton Hall needs to make it more obvious to students that their financial aid is subject to change from year to year.

“I made the decision to attend Seton Hall because most of my tuition was being paid for, and now that that has changed, I’m stuck in a dilemma,” Zalowitz said.

One student, who requested to remain anonymous, complained about the air conditioning in Boland Hall.

The student said he would like the air conditioning to be turned on prior to May 3. He also said he wants the temperature in the freshmen dormitory to be based on the outside temperature. According to the student, since all other Seton Hall dorms give students the access to change their room temperatures, he feels Boland Hall residents should be able to do the same.

Head of the senate, Ivan Vilela, concluded the meeting by assuring student attendees that their suggestions would be looked into.

“I really hope you got what you wanted answered or at least on the path to being answered,” Vilela said.

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