Mainstream hip-hop’s November to remember: Kid Cudi

The Album Cover of Kid Cudi’s sophomore album, “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager,” depicts a sullen, defeated Cudi across a background of a cosmic galaxy. Cudi’s entire demeanor suggests that the rapper may be unloading onto his fans his inner-most thoughts and feelings.

The album is personal for Cudi; it’s clear to see why the cover depicts a massive and chaotic scene of stars. Few remnants of former works, aside from a penchant for marijuana, make it onto Cudi’s newest release.

It was disappointing to see that there was no resemblance in any of the tracks to Cudi’s most mainstream song “Day n’ Nite.” Instead Cudi seems to have turned away from his roots to pursue a new style, a mash up of hip hop and ‘90s alternative rock.

The change in style leads to the impression that Cudi is trying to become the next big rock star, but also leaves one wondering if he really makes the transition. As a whole this album shows a glimmer of hope that Cudi can achieve his apparently desired direction, but this time he may have been a little sloppy.

Even catchy songs like “The Mood” fail to deliver, sounding amateurishly produced. The catchiest and easiest to access song on the album is “Erase Me.” In comparison to the other tracks it’s slightly upbeat and reminiscent of Weezer. It is sure to be replayed over and over if it has not been already.

It’s safe to say that this album will not be his best work, but you can definitely see that Cudi took a risk in experimenting with new sounds.

Even though the album lacks music you can blast with your friends as you are getting ready to go out, Cudi has at least begun a craft he can hopefully perfect in later works.

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