Late-night fast food:

For college students, getting take-out is nothing more than a typical part of campus living. With all the options, it is possible to get a little overwhelmed by all the menus you might have stuffed in your drawer.

If you want an easier, more consolidated way to look at all your take-out options, provides students with a resource where they can easily browse restaurants in their area. The website even allows students to place orders online so that they do not have to go through the trouble of calling restaurants to place their orders.

Over 300 colleges nationwide, including Seton Hall, have partnerships with Campusfood.

The site lists nine restaurants in the South Orange area that students can order from online. This includes Tung Tin Chinese, Papa John’s and Domino’s Pizza, among others. It also allows students to browse according to the type of cuisine they are looking for.

The website has a section that features coupons and specials that make ordering more affordable on the college budget. This section allows students to click through upcoming days of the week so that they never miss out on upcoming special offers.

According to the Campusfood website, the company began in 1997 when President Michael Saunders, a then student at University of Pennsylvania, decided that there must be an easier and more convenient way to order food than over the phone.

According to the website, Campusfood makes “issues such as misplaced menus, busy signals, and order miscommunications obsolete.”

If a student is interested in ordering using the website, it is a quick and easy process to set up an account. Once you are done creating an account you can do exactly what the website’s tagline says and just, “Click. Order. Eat.”

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