Late-night fast food: Blue Ocean and Tung Tin

Chinese food is a staple of the college student’s diet. Quick, easy and delicious, it is the perfect meal for hanging out in the dorm or cramming for a final.

Fortunately for Seton Hall students, South Orange has a wide array of Chinese restaurants to pick from. Two popular Chinese food joints are Tung Tin and Blue Ocean, both of which make frequent delivery stops to Seton Hall’s campus.

Blue Ocean is located at 314 Irvington Ave in South Orange. Their menu boasts all the classic Chinese food fixes, such as General Tso’s chicken, chicken with broccoli, a wide selection of Lo Mein dishes and sesame chicken, among others.

Sophomore Angie Szani, a Psychology major and frequent customer at Blue Ocean, said, “I love Blue Ocean; their General Tso’s Chicken is the best I ever had. I order Blue Ocean every week with my roommates. My week is not complete without it.”

If you like a little more variety in your Chinese food selection, however, you can always try Tung Tin. Located on 315 Irvington Ave. in South Orange, Tung Tin is located right next to Blue Ocean. Friendly competition, perhaps?

The menu for Tung Tin is more-or-less similar to Blue Ocean, but one menu selection Tung Tin has which Blue Ocean lacks is fried doughnuts.

Sophomore Deepak Gera prefers Blue Ocean over Tung Tin.

“Blue Ocean is a lot better than Tung Tin,” he said. “Their lunch specials are great; everyone should try their pineapple chicken.”

However, Pat Curran, also a sophomore, disagrees. “I’ve had both Blue Ocean and Tung Tin, but Tung Tin’s sesame chicken and General Tso chicken is (sic) delicious. Their white rice is delectable, much better than Blue Ocean.”

One advantage of Tung Tin over Blue Ocean is that Tung Tin is open until 11:30 p.m. while Blue Ocean is only open until 11:00 p.m. Both restaurants, however, could probably afford to be open a little later in a college town like South Orange, since college appetites never sleep.

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