Who stole the S?

“O sing her praise to highest skies, and be ye faithful in her eyes,

for she will foster all your dreams,

her name is Eton Hall.”

– Seton Hall Alma Mater

Upon entering Seton Hall University from the front gate, one may have noticed the University has been going by a different name: “Eton Hall University.”

According to Gary Christie, assistant director of Public Safety and Security, the “S” from the “Seton Hall University” sign was discovered missing on Halloween by a patrolling security guard.

“At this point we have no information on who defaced the property or why,” Christie said in an e-mail interview. “It may have been for a juvenile thrill similar to spray painting graffiti on a building or stealing a street sign.”

Christie said Facilities Engineering will be replacing the “S” as soon as possible. However, it will not be easily replaced.

“As you can imagine, it is not the kind of item that you can buy off of the shelf,” Christie said.

According to Christie, the new “S” will have to be custom-made. Because the remaining letters have been weathered, the new “S” will also be difficult to match with the already aged ones.

Christie noted replacing the “S” will be expensive.

Regardless of being able to replace the “S”, the University would like its original letter back.

“If someone took it as a souvenir, we would appreciate its return,” Christie said.

Jessica Sutcliffe can be reached at jessica.sutcliffe@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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