SGA awards DOVE $8K co-sponsorship grant

The Student Government Association granted the Releasing the DOVEs program an $8,000 co-sponsorship and discussed other business on Nov. 8.

Several members of the Releasing the DOVEs program came before the Senate and requested the $8,000 to help offset the cost of their three international trips.

During the debates, over thirteen senators gave their opinions. Many requested that DOVE seek other venues for funding in addition to the SGA.

After hearing the Senate debate, Treasurer Mark Buryk urged SGA to utilize the budget.

“I didn’t make this budget last year for it to not get spent,” Buryk said.

He added that DOVE comes primarily to the SGA because other clubs do not have the funding to assist the program.

The Senate finally approved the $8,000 co-sponsorship.

Student Life Committee Chair Derel Stroud reported on the status of many issues such as the CASE van and SHUFLY and GDS’ new meal plan policy regarding guest swipes.

Stroud said the Student Life Committee is looking into getting specific dates and times of unprofessional CASE van and SHUFLY behavior that has been reported by students.

The Student Life committee is also hoping to work with GDS regarding the recently implemented policy preventing students from using their meal plan for guests.

Stroud also said they are looking for suggestions to give to GDS regarding food which included vegetarian meals and non-soda drinks.

The Finance Committee granted several organizations’ requests for funding.

The Finance Club requested $112 for an event regarding women in finance, and the Gospel Choir requested $1,350 for their “He Is Risen” concert.

DOVE’s Hunger and Homeless Food Drive program also requested a $500 co-sponsorship to help run the program this year, which will begin Nov. 14. The program will also feature a new COMPASS event each day.

At Buryk’s urging, the Senate approved the co-sponsorship for DOVE.

President Melissa Boege also announced that she and the executive board will be meeting with President Esteban on Dec. 3.

Boege asked everyone to bring suggestions to her prior to the Dec. 3 meeting.

The Village of South Orange charter will be reviewed and revised at a meeting on Nov. 29 at the South Orange Village Hall, according to Kelsey Coolidge of Village Liaisons.

She asked SGA senators to attend the meeting.

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